WIN-A-CROP” Technology helps in Global Warming Control:

Global warming is described as the increase in the average temperature of the air situated close to the Earth’s surfaces, as well as the oceans throughout the world. Global warming deals with adjustments in climate, which is the pattern of weather over long-term circumstances. While the climate has always sustained change (getting both warmer or cooler over time), it is the speed of change associated with global warming that brings about the most concern. When the average global temperatures begin to increase, it is usually the Greenhouse Effect that is to blame.
The Greenhouse Effect is responsible for the 1-degree rise in the Earth’s surface temperature over the past 140 years, which at first glance doesn't seem like too much, but nonetheless has led to a wealth of large-scale troubles. It is the presence of gases, such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane within the atmosphere that permits incoming sunlight to pass through, but doesn't allow the proper release of heat back out. This is why this occurrence is likened to a greenhouse.
Global warming is an important topic to address because of the detrimental changes caused by its existence. Overall, it is the habits of humans that greatly contribute to the global warming problem through their industrial activities, everyday habits, and automobile dependency. One of the largest sources of carbon dioxide pollution in the United States includes coal-burning power plants, which produces 2.5 billion tons each year. Cars represent the second largest source of CO2 pollution, creating almost 1.5 billion tons on a yearly basis.
Over the years, researchers and scientists have developed an array of solutions pertaining to transportation issues, power plants, electricity, and a host of other factors that influences the global warming problem. While this is a great start towards lessening the effects of the issue, it is easier said than done, as it is much harder to encourage and push the entire world to put these solutions to good use.

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