“WIN-A-CROP” is the world’s most advanced Organic formulation with exceptional features like....

  • Outstandingly cost-effective & Farmer affordable agronomic productive technology, unlike capital-intensive and complex Israeli technologies, serves to meet the present needs of farmers and Indian agriculture.
  • Works in all culture systems, on all Agricultural & Horticultural crops and in all regions, Universally applicable.
  • Supports genetically virtual progressive & productive potentials of Crops and Soil micro-flora and increases soil productivity.
  • World’s latest agri-biotech invention that is technically sound, economically viable, environmentally non-degrading and socially acceptable.
  • Easy to use, needs no equipment or high-tech user knowledge or capital-intensive infrastructure. Highly suitable to today’s Indian farmers.
  • No hectic application practices required, simple supplementation by foliar spray is sufficient.
  • Globally preferred 100% Organic formulation to produce healthier food/agro produce.
  • Formulated with all natural and herbal constituents as per the norms of the World Organic Certification Standards.
  • Excels World Health Organization standards of Organic agriculture inputs.
  • Leaves no residual traces of any nature in the harvested produce.
  • Absolutely safe, Eco-friendly and Bio-compatible/degradable.
  • Quite friendly to Biosphere and Atmosphere.

Enormous advantages of WIN-A-CROP...

  • There is no need to adopt or implement Capital Intensive and Complex Agriculture Production technologies, which also requires higher farmer knowledge – Simple supplementation of WIN-A-CROP helps to DOUBLE the Productivity quantitatively & qualitatively – instantaneously & cost-effectively.
  • WIN-A-CROP is a new-generation Organic Hi-Yield for all plants and crops, which is entirely distinct in its effects from conventional organic inputs or latest agri-enhancers, gains Indian/Global farmers acceptance.
  • It is an universally applicable organic agri-input formulated with highly refined and completely safe plant derivatives & organic constituents to support and explore the virtual growing and yielding potentials of every plant life.
  • WIN-A-CROP agricultural input with complex herbal formulation, activates the different plant systems at critical stages helping in the overall improvement of crop quality and yield volumes.
  • It is characterized by inherent and instantaneous plant acceptability – thus ideally suitable for all intensive and extensive crops.
  • Totally free from chemical / toxic / objected substances. Purely organic in nature – a boon to the Organic Farmers.
  • Application of WIN-A-CROP needs no specific equipment or farmer knowledge – simple foliar spray or manual root zone application results amazingly, as all plants are capable of receiving nutrients through the leaves and the root system.
  • Develops stronger and healthy root system, thick and lush green foliage in all plants to gain optimal benefit from better nutrient uptake and higher rate of photosynthesis.
  • Upgrades performance of soil micro flora enhancing the natural Bio-support to crops.
  • Strengthens the plants with good health and increased resistance against physiological disorders and diseases of pathogenic origin.
  • Supports to with stand and recover from atmospheric hardships and stress conditions.
  • Improves yield quality most naturally enriching with Higher Nutritional Values and well-bred characteristic properties, better color and appearance, size, flavor and taste with high shelf life.
  • WIN-A-CROP formulation is exceedingly cost-effective when compared with its preferential and multifaceted results and financial returns.
  • Supplementation of WIN-A-CROP helps in upgrading the efficacy of all other Fertilizers & nutrients and culture-practices with added performanance.
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