WIN-A-CROP Organic Hi-Yield Promoter Mode of Action and Application:

WIN-A-CROP product with absolutely safe botanical derivatives and organic constituents has been retrieved to support beneficial soil micro flora and supplements vital supports different plant systems at critical stages helping in the overall improvement to crop quality and yield volumes.

WIN-A-CROP can be well supplemented for DOUBLING the vegetative growth & farm-productivity of Crops in all culture systems including G.M. Crops, Hydroponics, NFS Systems, Aeroponics, Container plants, Tissue cultures, Small gardens, Lawns & Farms.

The formulation is characterized by inherent and instantaneous plant & flora acceptability – thus ideally suitable for all intensive and extensive crops and soils.


  • WIN-A-CROP is supplied in a paper-board box packing of 200 grams (Unit), containing 2 sachets of each 100 grams semi water-soluble powder, numbered as 1 and 2, adequate to apply for ONE acre of Crops or Plantations at growing and pre-flowering or spiking stages. Its shelf life is 3 years.
  • The total contents of Sachet no.1 are to be mixed in 200 to 400 Liters (i.e. @1gram in 2 to 4 liters as per the crop requirement) of clean water and the solution is to be spayed on leaves of plants at vegetative growth stage.
  • Repeat the same with Sachet no. 2 as recommended preferably at pre-flowering stage.
  • Best results can be obtained when the first application is given with in 7 to 30 days of sowing/transplantation of plants and second application at bud initiation.
  • For perennial FRUIT crops first and second applications should be given as detailed above, in respective fruiting seasons at pre-flowering stages with a 30 days gap between the First and Second applications.

WIN-A-CROP can be well supplemented to any Crop by foliar spray. Seed Treatment or Seed Dressing and Root treatment to transplantable Nursery plants is also found highly beneficial and recommended for wherever feasible.

WIN-A-CROP performs at its optimum level, if a proper application rate at the appropriate time is followed. WIN-A-CROP is recommended to apply by FOLIAR SPRAY, strictly on cool or late evenings for its optimum efficacy and intense activity.

  • Application by ‘Foliar spray’ is recommended after fresh irrigation or must be followed by watering/irrigation in the next morning.
  • Use clean water and well cleaned containers and sprayers that are free from chemical residues, for mixing and application of WIN-A-CROP.
  • Avoid Foliar spraying directly on flowering and in cases of necessity, apply WIN-A-CROP oncrops in flowering by soil or root-zone application.
  • Maintain a gap of 3 days between application of Chemical Pesticides and WIN-A-CROP.
  • Store WIN-A-CROP products in a cool and dry place away from chemicals, heat and direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Follow all regular practices of manuring, crop protection measures and attend crop’s other requirements as usual. To support the hi-yield performance of WIN-A-CROP, farmers should consider of applying a little additional amount of manures/macro-nutrients as required.
  • WIN-A-CROP is not a substitute to any of the regular inputs or fertilizers or Crop protection measures or Culture practices. It is recommended to use WIN-A-CROP as an additional supplement to Crops.
  • Simple supplementation of WIN-A-CROP on various crops increases Crop’s yields significantly resulting in reduced cost of production with improved quality of produce in a Globally preferred ORGANIC way.

During the first application, WIN-A-CROP supplements the complex plant & flora needs to explore virtual growth potentials and improves the general nutrient uptake of the plants by influencing the potent root formation and increase in leaf mass. The constituents present in WIN-A-CROP helps the plants to develop healthy vegetative growth and better quality of chlorophyll, which in turn promotes higher degree of photosynthesis.

It is evidently observed the amplification of beneficial soil micro flora and better bio-availability/bio-absorption of nutrients by plants & biosphere.

The Second application of WIN-A-CROP helps to generate the timely productions of Auxins, Gibberilins and Cytokinines as a result of which better flowering and fruit formation with minimum premature fruit drop.

WIN-A-CROP supports the formation of sugars and other oleoresins, which directly influence the quality of the produce.

By enhancing the assimilation of Potash and bio-utilization of other Macro/Micro Nutrients; the pigmentation, size, shelf life of fruits will be significantly improved.

The secondary major benefit of WIN-A-CROP is the enhanced tolerance to atmospheric hardships / resistance to minor pest and pathogenic originated diseases in plants; as Doubled yields are possible only from ultra healthier crops which naturally possesses high immunity - A great saving in plant protection expenditure and helps promoting Eco-friendly agriculture.


WiIN-A-Crop can serve to meet the growing food and other agriculture produce needs - instantly - in a preferential organic manner.

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