Name of the Part of the Plant(s) used for extraction of the active ingredients / components. Various Parts / Whole Plants
Outline of process of manufacture. Unique infusion process “SMAAP” technology.
Form of Botanical Derivatives & Organic Constituents Usedg Highly refined extract forms of different Herbal origins.
Shelf-life claim / data. 3 years
Form Semi water-soluble Powder form.
Color Off white powder form.
Solubility Semi-solube Powder form.
Odor Neutral / Aroma of Alcoholic Botanical derivatives
Bio-effectiveness Highly Biocompatible Instantly supports soil flora fauna and crop’s vital productive needs.
Phyto-toxicity NIL / SAFE
Compatibility with other chemicals Product contains no chemicals. Semi-compatible with other chemicals.
Purpose of manufacture Intended to support soil Micro flora and the virtual growing & productive potentials of plant life resulting in Higher and Healthier yields.
Direction concerning dosage 1 gram powder to be diluted in 2 to 4 liters of clean water.
Time of application Strictly on Cool Evenings or nights
Gap to be observed between Inorganic Fertilizers and Pesticides application & 100% Organic WIN-A-CROP application 3 days to 7 days
Application equipment Hand Splash or Sprayers
Information regarding registration status Being 100% Organic Herbal product exempted from any approvals or registrations by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.
Acute oral rat and mice NIL / Safe
Primary skin irritation, irritation to mucous membrane NIL / Safe
Neuro-behavioural toxicity NIL / Safe
Reproductive toxicity NIL / Safe
Carcinogenicity Semi water-soluble Powder form.
Mutagenicity NIL / Safe
Long Term Toxicity Semi-solube Powder form.
Composition and ingredients Natural Botanical extracts and absolutely safe Organic Constituents impregnated in natural earthen (Chalk) material.
Hazards identified NIL/Totally Safe
CAS CAS Not referred. Non-chemical Product. Absolutely safe Organic/Herbal Formulation. Safe to all Crops, living beings, humans and environment.
Ecological information Eco-friendly and Planet friendly
Stability Highly Stable under normal conditions
Exposure & Personal protection measures NIL/Absolutely Safe – No safety measures need to be followed farmers or other persons
Handling & Storage Keep product in cool & dark place, away from strong chemicals. Protect from heat, sunlight and moisture for higher shelf life and efficacy
Flammability Absolutely Non-flammable
Type of packaging (container content compatibility data) Product Compatible
Specification for primary package Laminated Polyester Sachets with light/heat reflection and barrier properties
Specification for secondary package Multi Layer Cord Board Boxes
Specification for transport package Prevent exposure to SUNLIGHT, HEAT, MOISTURE and STRONG CHEMICALS
Instructions for storage and use Store in cool and Dark places
Information regarding disposal of used package No special care needed
Long Term Toxicity NIL / Absolutely Safe
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